Prince performs during his 'Diamonds and Pearls Tour' at the Earl's Court Arena in London, Britain, June 15, 1992. Reuters/Dylan Martinez

The death of star singer Prince has led to a revelation that the artist has left behind hundreds, if not thousands, of unreleased songs. Meanwhile, a new report reveals that he may have contracted AIDS a few months before he died.

Sources close to the singer reveal that he has left behind a huge stock of unreleased songs in his vault at his estate Paisley Park complex, USA Today reports. The number of songs are said to be able to fill several new albums.

The Bremer Trust has been appointed to take care of Prince’s business affairs for the next six months or until a personal representative is chosen. Meanwhile the hunt is on to identify who can be the singer’s “musical executioner” to take care of all the unreleased songs.

Many writers and artists leave specific instructions that no one else should continue working on their material after their death and release such work in the artists’ name. The primary concern there is quality and to guard against people making use of the situation to make money. It is not clear if Prince left such instructions for his unreleased songs too.

Meanwhile, investigation on the death of Prince continues. A source close to the singer revealed that he had contracted AIDS, Radar Online reports. The source revealed that the singer had been preparing to die for some time now, after finding out that he had the dreaded disease.

The singer’s blood count was said to be unusually low and his body temperature had dropped dangerously low from the normal 98.6 degrees to 94 degrees. He had iron deficiency and was very weak and disoriented.

“He rarely ate and when he did, it all came right back up,” the source reportedly said. Apart from AIDS, Prince was also suffering from influenza. He apparently was frequenting the local drug store to buy “bags of prescriptions” for the “unbearable pain.”