Prince Daniel of Sweden recently opened up about his kidney transplant, which he underwent three months after his engagement to Crown Princess Victoria back in 2009. He recounted how he had to undergo dialysis treatment at the time. He shared that it was his father, Olle Westling, who donated the new kidney.

Prince Daniel shared the information to Swedish publication Dagens Industri. This is the first time that the 42-year-old prince has spoken publicly about his health, Hello reports.

“When the kidneys are not working properly, the blood becomes poisoned. Just a few hours after the transplant, I felt so clean and clear, it was amazing,” he said, recounting his experience.

He said that in the beginning, he did not want to talk about his health issues, thinking that it was not a fun topic and is something very private. However, later on he realised that by discussing his health issue, he would be able to provide awareness to other people. Prince Daniel said that if a person is willing to receive an organ, then he or she should also be willing to give it for the benefit of someone else.

The former personal trainer also promotes health and entrepreneurship initiatives among underprivileged local youth, People reports. He set up Prince Daniel’s Fellowship and an entrepreneurial programme two years ago, in a bid to inspire young entrepreneurs.

The prince also said that though his priority is to support Victoria in all her endeavours and especially her next assignment as head of state, he shared that the princess is happy about his own projects.

Prince Daniel said that he and his wife Victoria support environment, foreign aid and international peace efforts. The Swedish royal couple, who has a 2-year-old daughter Princess Estelle, has attended several royal duties together.

Daniel and Victoria are expecting their second child in March 2016. The pair met in 2001 when the prince worked as Victoria’s personal trainer. The couple got engaged in February 2009 and got married in June 2010.

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