Prince Charles
Britain's Prince Charles attends a medal presentation for The Royal Gurkha Rifles at Buckingham Palace, London, March 14, 2017 . Reuters/Stuart C Wilson

The royals live lives that most people will never fully comprehend, but members of the royal family are often pushed into responsibilities they might never have wanted. Such is the story of Prince Charles, who reportedly wept on the eve of his wedding to Diana, as he was torn by his ever-present feelings for Camilla Parker Bowles.

Royal writer Sally Bedell Smith has released a new biography of the Prince of Wales entitled “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbably Life.” According to People Magazine, the book paints a picture of Charles on the night before his first wedding. The first in line to the throne was reportedly torn between his feelings for Camilla, who was at that point his former girlfriend and mistress.

The relationship between Charles and Camilla is not a secret. The two first started to date in 1971 and got along well on most accounts. The biography noted that Charles loved how Camilla was down-to-earth, preferred the countryside and was not interested in fashion. She always listened to him as well, which Charles appreciated.

However, they went their separate ways in 1973 when Charles was stationed overseas with the Royal Navy. But more than the distance, there were issues with Camilla’s past. She had a sexual history with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles, whom she eventually married. Nevertheless, her past was one that the royal family did not take lightly. Moreover, Charles was still in his early twenties and was not thinking of settling down.

In 1980, Charles began dating Diana, but Camilla was never far away. After Charles and Diana were rumoured to have spent two nights together -- a claim that Diana denied -- Prince Philip sent a letter to his son that said Diana’s reputation was on the line. Charles interpreted it as an order to propose. He then married Diana in July 1981.

Diana, on her part, reportedly wept days before her wedding as well. She too thought of calling the whole engagement off, but ultimately stayed despite the issues she had with her life.

“How could I have got it all wrong?” Charles reportedly wrote to a friend, according to the Daily Mail. He and Diana reportedly stopped sleeping on the same bed three years into their marriage. They eventually began spending the night in separate rooms. While Charles would see Camilla on the side, Diana had her share of affairs as well, including her riding insturctor and a royal protection officer.

“Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbably Life” is available on Amazon. The book will begin shipping on April 4.


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