A picture of Omari Hardwick as Ghost in Starz TV series "Power." Power/ Facebook

There is change coming in “Power” season 4 episode 3. After getting used to a new life in prison, James will finally start taking action to remedy the situation. He knows he is innocent of the crimes he's accused of, but it will take the tears of his children to fuel his resolve. The following article contains spoilers.

The paparazzi will be back in the next episode trying to capture the reaction of James’ (Omari Hardwick) children, when they learn that their father could be put to death if found guilty. A preview video of the next episode shows how this will trigger Ghost into action.

James will see pictures of his crying daughter. He will call his family from prison and tell his children that no one can kill their father. “I’m gonna beat this,” Ghost says over the phone.

Meanwhile, the FBI will continue to put more pressure on James and his family. One way they're going to get the right legal decision is by putting pressure on Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to turn on her husband and become witness to the prosecution. The lawyer Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) explores this possibility with Tommy (Joseph Sikora).

Will Tasha side with the FBI and help them convict her husband? The words “Goodbye, James” over the phone certainly indicates the possibility. There are a few things the prosecution can use as leverage against Tasha, and her main concern now would be the future of her children.

While Tasha is worried about her husband and her children, Kanan (50 Cent) continues to take Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) down a dark path. The villain has taken the boy under his wing, and he will start teaching James’ son new tricks of the trade in the next episode.

James continues to have a bad time in jail. He believes his former lover set him up. Angela (Lela Loren) will visit him in prison. Ghost’s resolve to fight this injustice appears to be stronger after the visit.

Credit: Power/ Facebook