A picture of "Poldark" TV series cast members Harry Richardson (Drake), Ellise Chappell (Morwena) and Tom York (Sam). Poldark/ Facebook

Many new faces will be seen in “Poldark” season 3. One of the new characters joining the show is Demelza’s brother Sam played by Tom York. The actor recently teased some details about how his character’s mission in Cornwall involves saving the souls of the people there.

Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) was able to escape from her father and find solace in the arms of Ross (Aidan Turner). However, she left her two brothers behind, York explained in an interview as per iNews. Her father and brothers become devout Methodist, and Sam takes this very seriously.

Sam’s mission in Cornwall, according to York, is to save souls of the people from eternal damnation. His zeal will lead to some “friction” because not everyone is keen on being “saved.”

In order to prepare for the character, York read the works of John Wesley, founder of Methodism in the 18th century. “With Sam, I was trying to get to grips with him coming to Methodism from a loving place, instead of a darker place. He wants to save people."

Even though many new characters are being added this year, the story is still essentially about Ross and Demelza, York pointed out. The actor added that the relationship of the two characters is “dynamic,” and that the show is growing from strength to strength because of this dynamism.

“I think people can expect it to be bigger, more epic. The stakes have never been higher in series three for everyone and I think people are in for an exciting time,” York said.

“Poldark” season 3 will be action-packed, with Ross getting involved in some fights, Digital Spy reports. Turner apparently broke his hand in a scene that involved his character breaking into a prison.