Russia's President Vladimir Putin speaks at a news conference after the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Ufa, Russia, July 10, 2015. Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin

The Polish defence ministry has expressed interest in allowing NATO to deploy nuclear weapons in its territory. While the alliance's program will allow Warsaw to increase its defences, it will likely not register well with Russia.

Deputy Defence Minister Tomasz Szatkowski announced the move to Polish broadcaster Polsat during an interview on Saturday. He said that the ministry is thinking of asking NATO for access to the nuclear sharing program, which allows non-nuclear countries to borrow US missiles. This is the first time that a Polish official has commented on putting nuclear weapons in the country.

However, RIA (via the Associated Press) reports that the Polish Defence Ministry released a statement clarifying that Warsaw has not requested and will not be looking forward to holding NATO nuclear weapons. However, should Poland proceed with the decision in the future, this will likely draw opposition from Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin said back in June that if NATO made a move to threaten Russia, his country would respond accordingly.

“If someone threatens our territories, it means that we will have to aim our armed forces accordingly at the territories from where the threat is coming. How else could it be? It is NATO that approaching our borders, it’s not like we are moving anywhere,” RT quoted Putin.

Poland is known to be a committed ally of NATO since it became a member in 1999. The country has also been making moves to extend further links. In September, the nation's parliament allowed President Andrzej Duda to amend a technical agreement on allowing a US anti-missile base in Redzikowo.

Poland is only the tip of Russia's worries as the country is also engaged in rising tensions with Turkey and seemingly, the West. Turkey recently shot down a Russian jet after citing airspace violations, which Russia denied. Russia also recently slammed the United States for ignoring Turkey's alleged involvement with the Islamic State and oil trafficking.

"When US officials say they don't see how the terrorists' oil is smuggled to Turkey... it smells badly of a desire to cover up these acts," the Russian defence ministry wrote on its Facebook page.

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