Islamic State released a video on Wednesday which apparently shows the beheading of a Russian spy. The terrorist organisation claims to have unmasked the real identity of the man who joined the group as a militant.

The Russian spy is beheaded by another Russian who, unlike previous ISIS killers, shows his face. The highly sophisticated video seems to have been recorded and edited with top class professional equipment. While the video cannot be verified at the moment, it worries many because of the finesse it comes with.

The video gives a Hollywood-like account of the entire assassination with a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The killer speaks in Russian as he says Putin’s airstrikes against ISIS in Syria make the group understand it is doing the right thing by going on with the fight.

The assassin threatens the Russian people who, according to him, won’t find peace at home. “We will kill your sons ... for each son you killed here,” he says.

“We will destroy your homes for each home you destroyed here."

This is, however, not the first time ISIS claims to have killed a Russian spy. An earlier video in January apparently showed a long-haired boy shooting two men in the back of the head.

The video, titled as "Uncovering an Enemy Within," states that "enemies thought that they could dispatch spies and agents to plot against the Islamic State, but Allah disgraced their efforts and thwarted their plans," according to CNN.

Russia started its anti-ISIS operation in Syria in September while the US-led coalition was already there fighting ISIS targets for more than a year. While many in the West accuses Russia of targeting opposition rebel groups in the country, the Syrian government has repeatedly thanked Russia for its operation against ISIS.

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Walid al-Moallem earlier said Russia managed to do in two months what the United States could not in 18 months. He said the Russian operation was much more effective against the militant group than the American strikes.

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