Pokemon Sun and Moon Snorlax
"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will see a special Snorlax for early purchase. The Pokemon Company

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” code is still full of secrets and dataminers are hell-bent in finding out all within the code of the Gen 7 games. Pokemon low-polygon models were recently found in the game’s code pointing towards a Nintendo Switch release. Certain codes even revealed the “Pokemon walking behind” feature.

This feature may not be new to many, especially who are aware of “Pokemon Yellow,” wherein Pikachu used to follow trainers for the entire adventure. The “Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver” perfected this feature and the first Pokemon in the party would follow the players. However, the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” low-polygon models could also mean that developer Game Freak may be bringing the game to Nintendo Switch.

Many fans have opposing views though as they believe that the models were for the Rotom Dex camera function that was scrapped. It is also possible that the developer originally wanted the walking behind feature in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” but dropped the idea as it was affecting the game’s frame rate adversely, reports iDigital Times.

Some who believe that the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game is coming to Nintendo Switch may be called “Pokemon Stars” though information about it is nearly non-existent. Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of Pokemon Company, did talk about a game coming to the Nintendo Switch console. The Nintendo Switch presentation in January 2017 will perhaps reveal more information.

Meanwhile, those who have complained that “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is not a very challenging game, Kobazco, a GTA Temp user, has developed a game edit that has taken the difficulty level to a new extreme, reports Kotaku Australia. The ROM hack is being called “Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon.”

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” hack does not provide more monsters at higher levels. Many of the enemies come with perfect IVs. The quality of the creatures is much higher. These changes make the game almost impossible to play.