Pokemon Sun and Moon Exeggutor
The Alolan Exeggutor will have the Dragon Hammer move. Nintendo

The Pokemon Company has introduced some new information for its upcoming “Pokemon Sun and Moon” as well as new events for previous games.

A new attack was spotted at a recent episode of Japanese YouTube show Neko Mario Time. In the video, fans can see the new attack for the Alolan Exeggutor.

According to trusted Pokemon source Serebii, the new movie is the Dragon Hammer. How exactly the move does its damage is not yet known, as the only detail of its effect is to dole out damage to its opponent. But it can live up to its name, since the Alolan Exeggutor was able to take down an Exeggcute with one hit.

The most recent leak for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has hinted at another possible Pokemon reveal. PokeJungle stumbled upon Chinese Riddler, a tipster credited as a credible source given his hints preceding the reveals of Sandygast, Pallosand, Mimikyu and Passimian.

The new hints come in the form of a Pokemon grid of revealed and possibly upcoming Pokemon. New clues so far show two boxes that have cryptic images. The first is a split between a light-haired anime character and a female model in a split box. The box immediately beside it is a Toucan.

One other noted addition is the image of Aristotle, snuck between the two Legendaries and the Ultra Beasts. As per the report, this could either be a Pokemon that may be related to the first Ultra Beast or even one that is in the border of the two species.

For players of “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire” and “Pokemon X and Y,” there are a number of new events available. First up is the European distribution of Volcanion. Distribution is set to happen from Oct. 1 until Nov 23 at specific retailers. So far, Volcanion is confirmed for Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

European and Australian players can also participate in the Darkrai event happening until Sept. 30. This is for those who haven’t gotten Darkrai earlier. Players will only need to get it via the DARKRAI2016 serial code.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alolan Exeggutor Dragon Hammer (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)