Destiny, Rise Of Iron
"Rise Of Iron" is the fourth major expansion of "Destiny" Facebook/Destiny

“Destiny” players already know that there will be a sequel for the hit shooter title. And while Bungie has not yet made any official announcements, there’s already speculation that “Destiny 2” will arrive sometime next year.

Now, a new report is suggesting that the “Destiny 2” experience will also arrive on PC. Several anonymous sources have told Kotaku this possibility. The rumour for a “Destiny 2” launch on the PC was sparked in the NeoGAF forums, where one user had written that a connection with Activision has posted that the news had been announced in an internal presentation.

While details are sparse, there was one other trivia that accompanied this reveal. That is, Vicarious Visions will be onboard during the development of “Destiny 2.” Kotaku had backed up this statement, because it had been a previous tip that hadn’t been made public until now.

This decision seems to be a good move for Bungie and Activision. For one, it expands the player base even more, since a lot of players are hooked on the PC. For another, since September, Bungie has already divided the progress of players on the PS4 and Xbox One and those on the Legacy Consoles. This has already limited the players who will be moving forward with “Destiny.” And opening up a new avenue with PC will certainly add to its player base.

The report also points to the possibility of “Destiny 2” going the same direction as “Diablo 2.” In the latter game, the developers had alluded to the original title, but avoided carrying over a lot of characters or content to the sequel. Whether this will be Bungie’s plan for the sequel remains to be seen. But considering a previous statement from Bungie about keeping players’ Guardians for a long while, it is possible that the changes will not entirely re-haul the content that players have worked hard for.

For now, it’s best to take this report with a grain of salt. Activision and Bungie have been tight-lipped about the upcoming sequel, particularly because “Destiny Rise of Iron” has just been released. It already introduces a number of changes and new features, so it is possible that these will be extended in the sequel.

“Destiny Rise of Iron” brings in new armour, quests, missions, adventures and more content for players.