Pokemon The Movie 20- I Choose You' trailer, release date and what to expect
Screenshot of Ash and Pikachu from the official trailer of "Pokemon The Movie 20- I Choose You" YouTube/ ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル

The upcoming “Pokemon” movie is taking a step back and redoing the first ever television series and make it movie worthy. Fans can now revel in the origin of how the Pokemon title has evolved throughout the years.

During the summer season in Japan, festivities are observed, including towering thunderheads in broad daylight and even fireworks festivals painting night skies with their vibrant hues. Most importantly, a new “Pokemon” anime film is to released in several theatres. This much-awaited Pokemon event has been a timely tradition since 1998. From thereon, the “Pokemon” franchise has been releasing a new movie every summer until the present.

In the span of two decades, the "Pokemon" franchise has always had a storyline of Ash and his team continuing their journey into becoming a Pokemon master. This years rendition of the moive is meant to take a different track than the films usually have. The upcoming Pokemon movie will be looking back on how the whole franchise began, per RocketNews24.

The 20th Pokemon movie titled “Pokemon the Movie 20 - I Choose You” will be going down the memory lane, to the beginning of the Pokemon franchise. The film’s first trailer has been recently released and has confirmed the plot.

The trailer starts with a man (possibly Professor Oak) saying, “There’s sort of a problem with this leftover Pokemon.” This certain issue did not seem to affect the eagerness of Satoshi, also known as Ash Ketchum. He instead insistently replied, “Please, let me have him.” In response, the man allowed Ash to take the Pokemon saying, “See, his name is Pikachu…” (See trailer at bottom of article.)

Those who just learned about the Pokemon fandom would probably assume that the relationship between Ash and Pikachu have always been strong since the get-go. But those who watched the anime’s very first TV episode would know that their relationship wasn’t that “friendly” to begin with.

Pikachu started off as a stubborn, rebellious and unruly partner who did not listen to Ash. Part of the trailer shows Ash asking Pikachu to get inside a Poke Ball. But Pikachu refuses to go in the Poke Ball and electrocutes Ash instead.

Pikachu also detests being with Ash, forcing the young trainer to literally drag Pikachu around using a rope. When Ash asks his first ever Pokemon, “Do you hate me,” Pikachu nods and says, “Pikachu!”

It is still unknown as to how close the upcoming movie will portray the original television series. But knowing that the movie will focus on the television series and use a new coat of animation, fans are bound to wait in anticipation.

The film will focus mostly on Ash and the beginning of his journey as a Pokemon trainer. The movie will also highlight some moments where Ash and Pikachu venture on finding Legendary Pokemon or saving the world of Pokemon from crisis. Most importantly, it will show how the strong bond of friendship between Ash and Pikachu came to be.

The “I Choose You” film will be perfect for new Pokemon fans who want to know the origin of how Ash started his quest. It is also a great opportunity for veteran fans to reminisce and appreciate how the franchise has evolved in the past years. The movie opens in Japanese theatrse on July 15 and hopefully will have a worldwide release some time in the future.