PHOTOS: Celebs Shares Their Best Parenting Advice

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Ever wonder how celebrities are as parents? A few stars were asked about how they handle their kid(s) and each of them showed a bit of their perspectives.  

Heidi Klum: Make It Work

As a mom, she influenced her parenting ways with the famous fashion show line "make it work." The "Project Runway" host, handles her life as a parent by incorporating the discipline she acquired from the show.

"I was confident before I had my children, but maturing and becoming a mother enhances that self-confidence. You learn that you can take on quite a lot and make it work. When your kids need you to be strong and secure, it's very natural to be," the model said.

Kate Hudson: Kids Need Freedom

Kate Hudson, mother of two, was inspired by her parents who gave her and her brother their freedom to be themselves. The "Almost Famous" actress' parents allowed her  and her siblings to make their own confident choices. According to Hudson, they used to "commit mistakes without receiving frustrating judgment."

Julia Roberts: Regular Communication Is Important

"What if Hazel didn't call me for two week?" said Julia Roberts to The "Erin Brokovich" actress explained she's calling her mother, Betty, often. Now that the actress is also mom, she was able to realize what mothering feels like.

Will Ferrell: Speak to Your Kids

"Talk to your children, at least once a week. If you've got time, do it two or three times a week. But otherwise, I find the times where I let weeks and weeks go by without talking to my children, that adds up,"  gagged Will Ferrell, father of Mattias and Magnus, when asked about parenting.

Tom Cruise: Let Your Kids Be Creative

"I believe that she (should wear) whatever she wants to wear. She dresses herself. I want to encourage her creativity and her own self-expression. I think that's important for the child's own identity," Tom Cruise told Britain's GMTV. Suri, 5, daughter of Tom Cruise, is believed to have a shoe collection worth more than $150,000. 

Helena Christensen: Avoid Stress

"Every child is different. You're different. I worried a lot when I had Mingus; the responsibility is so heavy if you think about it. If you think too much about it, it drives you crazy, so just let it happen. All kids really want is love and routine and a good night's sleep and delicious food," according to the attractive celebrity mother.

Bethenny Frankel: Don't Forget to Rest

"Sleep while the baby's sleeping! Sleep is way more significant than exercise, that's all you need to be worried about right now," Frankel said to Us Magazine

Nia Vardalos: You Have to Like Messiness

Becoming a mother is about acceptance. Vardalos explained that being a mom is about accepting the life you've got. It may be complex at times, but you have to get used to it. Get accustomed to having a muggy purse.

"Mine is always filled with stuff I didn't put there, from leftover Tootsie Rolls to wet wipes that got squished to the bottom. It makes me laugh every day,"  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" actress explained to Good Housekeeping.

Ewan McGregor: Provide Full Attention

"Pay attention. I recognize it can be boring to play with young children - to tell a story over and over again, let's say - but the secret is being there. If you've made a decision to play with your children, then play with them. Turn off your BlackBerry. Lose yourself in their world. Even if you do it for a short time, it will mean a lot to you and to them," said McGregor as he explained parenting with Men's Health.

Stephen Colbert: Never Undervalue Your Kids

"Never underestimate kids' tenacity. Raising a child is like wrestling a small but unremitting challenger. You can't strike children in a logic fight. Their uncomplicated minds are better at it. Go with what adults are good at: tyrannical authority," according to Colbert.

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