Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has landed himself in controversy after he posted a shower selfie with his son on Instagram. The dad of two posted a picture of himself and his 2-year-old son Mario having fun during bath time with the following caption:

"Our family motto is: #fun! We try and incorporate fun into as much of the everyday things we do! #Bathtime." The picture showed a happy father and son (from the shoulders up) in the bathtub. The innocent, family Instagram picture has sparked huge debate on social media, with many people calling it as an act of “child abuse.”

“Eeeewwww this picture is so wrong and creepy,” wrote an Instagram user, criminal_monster, on Perez's timeline. Other people labelled the 37-year-old single, gay dad as “pervert” and “shameful.”

However, once his fans came to know about the abuse he was facing online, they came to his support. Many people took to Instagram and said that they see nothing wrong in the picture where a father and son are bonding over bath time. Others also said that it is perfectly normal for a father and his 2-year-old son to shower together.

However, there were others who said that the blogger faced the online hate solely because he is a gay. “Let's face it; the fact that Hilton is gay is the only reason some "brand it as child abuse,”" wrote one of his fans on Instagram.

Hilton, who is also a dad to 5-month-old girl Mila, defended his picture saying, "Everyone does what they see fit as a parent." He even clarified to one of his fans that he had his “bathing suit on” but did not see the need to state this fact in the caption.

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