"Overwatch" was released in May and quickly became one of the year's most popular titles. YouTube/PlayOverwatch

As one of the biggest games of the year, “Overwatch” is bound to join in on the upcoming festivities. And if a recent leak is to be believed, Blizzard is gearing up to do that with a new mode and a new map.

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Dataminers have recently uncovered a stack of audio files that provide a glimpse into the title’s upcoming holiday event. The files, as posted on Reddit, include what sounds a lot like a Christmas version of the “Overwatch” theme. The clips also include the voice of Athena saying the phrases “now entering the arena,” “challenger” and “gladiator” -- which arguably give the public a clearer view of what could come.

The general theory is that Blizzard will release a new holiday-themed mode as Christmas draws nearer. The timing seems to be in place as well as the game publisher has previously confirmed that new modes and new maps will soon be added into the game.

The file also includes audio of various heroes interacting with one another. Tracer, for example, expresses how much he wishes that Sombra would “just disappear forever.” Meanwhile, Reaper warns Sombra to “stick to the plan” and Reinhardt finally defeats Zarya at arm wrestling -- but only because she heard it was his birthday.

Blizzard has not confirmed anything about the files at this point.

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If an “Overwatch” holiday event does come up, it will follow the title’s successful Halloween and Summer Games events. In Activision and Blizzard’s third quarter financial results, the companies noted how these particular events provided a jump in gamer participation.

It was noted that the Summer Games “drove record engagement and participation in in-game customisation items.” However, the Halloween event surpassed even this. If the trend continues, “Overwatch” is bound to experience even more action in the next few weeks.