Symmetra Overwatch
One of the the least used characters in "Overwatch," Symmetra, just received a very powerful redesign. YouTube/PlayOverwatch

Some “Overwatch” characters are more favoured than others, whether it is because of their strengths, ultimates or effectiveness. Symmetra, however, has been one of the heroes that are chosen less often -- and Blizzard is setting out to change that.

A new developer video was uploaded on Tuesday, and Jeff Kaplan outlined the changes that will come to support-hero Symmetra. And while he did not provide a specific date when the redesign will begin to roll out, he did promise that it would be available to try on the Public Test Region “very soon.”

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The alteration to Symmetra’s ultimate ability is arguably the most important one that Blizzard is incorporating. Like all of the other characters on “Overwatch,” Symmetra will need to build up her ultimate, and she will be able to use Teleporter like before. However, pressing the ultimate button once again will drop a Shield Generator.

The Shield Generator is vital when used properly. When dropped, it will provide a shield to all teammates while they are within a certain distance to the item. Symmetra’s shields are standard in the sense that they recharge as long as players stay within the affected area.

The Teleporter has received a buff as well. This particular ultimate of Symmetra now has more health, with some of it converted to the shield. All in all, the changes that will be made to the character are essential in making her more of a team player in “Overwatch” -- which is arguably exactly what she needed.

Watch Jeff Kaplan discuss Symmetra’s changes in detail

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Along with the redesign of Symmetra, Blizzard will also be adding a new feature to “Overwatch.” The feature, called Stay With The Group, will allow players to stay with their teams after a match is finished. It will theoretically allow strangers to keep in contact with each other and continue the streak of a random yet great team.