Diana Gabaldon
A picture of "Outlander book series author Diana Gabaldon (left) and Executive Producer of the Starz TV series Ronald D. Moore (right) at the 2013 New York Comic Con. Outlander/ Facebook

“Outlander” book series writer Diana Gabaldon was surprised when a friend texted her recently, enquiring about her well being. When asked about the strange text, the author was shocked to find out that a group of fans in New Jersey have been concerned about her health after some rumour suggested that she was hospitalised.

The rumour was very specific, making it a little believable. It stated that Gabaldon has been in the hospital for over a week for "thoracic abdominal aneurysm." Slamming such reports, the author took to Facebook to assure her fans who are concerned about her health. She also pointed out that if she had such health complications she’d probably be dead.

To make sure that such rumours don’t affect the fans in the future, Gabaldon suggested that her fans follow her on Twitter, where she spends a short period of time every day, or on Facebook. She also suggested that the fans ask her about such things directly on social media, instead of “hyperventilating” from being worried.

Gabaldon further stated that she was in Los Angeles a few days ago to represent PBS at the Television Critics Association program titled “Great American Reads.” The author is happy that her book series is on the “America’s 100 Best Books” list. Voting is currently ongoing, and the fans can cast their vote with the hashtag #VOTEOutlander in any tweet or Facebook post. The fans can vote every day, but only one vote per day is counted for one book.

Gabaldon also shared a photo of herself as “proof of life.” The author thinks that the rumour came about from one of her retweets about Terry Dresbach’s accident, where she tripped over her dog and had to go to the hospital. Someone may have misunderstood the retweet, and seeing the author’s name there; the fan must have gone off to alert the public in “Chicken Little mode.”

In another Facebook post, Gabaldon made light of the situation, and joked about being still alive, and that she is “not typing from the Beyond.”