John Bell
A picture of John Bell, cast member of "Outlander" TV series. He plays the role of Young Ian. Outlander/ Facebook

First look pictures of Young Ian (John Bell) with her pet Rollo have been released online. Two Northern Inuit pups were chosen to play Rollo on the show, but in the end only one of them got to be in the TV series.

Behind-the-scenes pictures posted on EntertainmentWeekly show Bell with the dog Dewey. The actor appears to have bonded well with the dog, after having spent so much time with it. Rollo is a wolf hybrid that Young Ian will meet in America.

A spokesman for the show said that Rollo is an unpredictable dog that has a nose for trouble. The spokesman teased that the dog gets into trouble often by “sticking his large, wet nose into places it doesn’t belong.”

Rollo is introduced in the book “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon. Young Ian will win the dog in a card game at the docks in Northern Carolina, and the two form a life-long bond from then. Rollo goes on to be considered a member of the Fraser clan.

Training of the puppies was essential to be able to film season 4 easily. Gabaldon had previously said that the dogs needed to look menacing and growl at command, and be able to carry some kind of prey to their master. She said that the producers may try and capture moments of the dogs catching a prey, like fish, on camera for the TV series.

Filming of season 4 has already been completed, and the cast members of the TV series are either enjoying their break or busy working on other projects. Sam Heughan (Jamie) for instance has been cast in the movie “Bloodshot” starring Vin Diesel.

“Outlander” season 4 is set to air in November. The show is currently in the post-production phase of development, and the team is busy putting together the episodes.