John Bell
A picture of John Bell, cast member of "Outlander" TV series. He plays the role of Young Ian. Outlander/ Facebook

The new video has been released online that shows cast member John Bell (Young Ian) taking the fans on a tour of the production set of “Outlander” season 4. Filming for the new season has already wrapped, and this video was taken at a time when the cast and crew were still busy with working on the set.

The most important place at the production set for Bell is his trailer, the actor joked in the video [see below]. He can be seen wearing a dark jacket that has been given to all the cast members, which is used to cover up their respective costumes.

Close to Bell’s trailer there is the catering, from where all the cast and crew members get their meals and snacks during the filming. “Happy food, happy crew,” Bell said.

Bell also showed Sam Heughan’s (Jamie) trailer, but the fans can only see it from the outside. Bell called Jamie the “king of men.” The actor also joked that his trailer is at the front while Heughan’s is behind because he is more important.

Right next to Heughan’s trailer is Caitriona Balfe’s (Claire) trailer. Bell called Balfe’s character “Aunty Claire” and added “Still think she’s a fairy.” The actor almost let the camera inside the trailer to give the fans a sneak peek of what’s it like on the inside, but then stopped. He said that there is some top secret “stuff” going on inside that he can’t show the viewers.

Bell also introduced his favourite member of the crew, and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The crew member is Euan and he said that he felt loved after getting the kiss.

Bell hoped that the video helps the fans get their fix during this Droughtlander. He said that he will see the fans soon with “Outlander” season 4, and he can’t wait to show the fans everything.

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter