A picture of actor Sam Heughan as Jamie in Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

“Outlander" season 3 will be a particularly emotional journey for Jamie and Claire, given the way the plot of the 13 episodes has been structured. In a recent Q&A, Co-executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts said that some episodes may require the fans to get whisky or use tissues.

The new season is still being developed. Roberts said that the season isn’t over until the audience sees it. He is “very excited” about what they have created this year, adding that he is “extremely proud” of the result of their hard work.

Perhaps the most anticipated scene on the show this year is the Print Shop scene. When one of the fans asked the producer to rate the scene on a scale of 1 to 10, Roberts gave a score of a million. He also said that he is “biased” in giving out such a generous rating.

Along with all the fun while filming, there were also challenges that the cast and crew had to face. Roberts said that the ships were the most difficult to film. Fans will find out why when they see the episodes. As far as personal challenges are concerned, the producer finds travel to be both a joy as well as a challenge.

With the filming wrapped, the cast members should begin their promotion tours. One of the fans wondered if they would visit Australia this time. Roberts explained that the executives at Starz plan all the PR events, and he is not involved in that.

Roberts continues to be busy, diving straight into scouting locations for season 4 and writing the script. The cast and crew will be returning to Scotland again this year to start filming 13 more episodes. They have already cast Rollo to make sure that there is enough time to train the animals, but it is too early to start casting other major roles.

There will be an “Outlander” panel at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, but Roberts will not be attending. He confirmed that some of the cast members will be there to interact with the fans.

Starz is yet to announce the exact release date for “Outlander” season 3. Roberts said he has no clue about the date. The fans may get to know more about the new season at the San Diego Comic-Con.

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