A lot has happened in the past few days. Co-executive Producer Maril Davis has confirmed that she will be returning to South Africa soon, César Domboy and Producer Matthew B. Roberts have shared new pictures, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe appeared in a new video, and Diana Gabaldon shared details about her whirlwind tour.

Davis visited the set in Cape Town a while ago, and has now confirmed that she will be returning. The producer is also involved in other projects that demand her attention.

Gabaldon has also been touring nations across the globe, meeting fans and singing books. The author was in South Africa in April to meet the cast and crew. After a brief stay at home, she travelled to Canada. After another short break, she was back on the road, travelling to the UK.

Despite her busy schedule, the author said that she is having a wonderful time. Her touring still continues. After a two-day program at the National Museum of Scotland, there was a book signing in London.

Meanwhile, Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Balfe (Claire) appeared in a new video [see below] to celebrate World Whisky Day. They played the familiar “Never Have I Ever” game. In another tweet, Balfe invited the host of the game to play with them next time.

The cast and crew appears to have enjoyed a short break from filming in South Africa. While Heughan and Balfe drank whisky together, Domboy and Lauren Lyle (Marsali) went paddling with penguins. The actor shared a picture of the two of them together at Boulders Beach. Lyle had previously shared a picture of herself going horse riding on the beach.

Roberts is also busy showcasing his excellent photograph skills. He shared a few shots he took in Capte Town, teasing some of the scenic beauty fans may get to experience later this year on “Outlander” season 3.

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Smooth ride, always ! _____ @laurenlyle7 #bouldersbeach #pinguinsquad #paddle

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Marsali & Claire off road __

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Hot to trot #outlander #outthewindowphotography

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Could it be a Rhino _ ? #capetown #southafrica #outlanderonsafari #sunrise

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