When the cast and crew of “Outlander” season 3 in South Africa took over the Instagram page of the show recently they posted a few pictures from the set. Author Diana Gabaldon has now revealed that she took some of the pictures that were shared online were taken by her. Meanwhile, a new picture reveals a smaller boat being used to film the scenes.

Conscious of how difficult it is for the fans to endure the long Droughtlander this year, Gabaldon decided to give some relief by sharing a few titbits from the time she visited the set. In a post on Facebook, the author revealed that the picture of barrels and the one showing the sails of the ship that were released recently were taken by her.

The people who took pictures were instructed not to share anything that can be considered a spoiler. So the pictures are only of the generic set pieces that don’t reveal much. Gabaldon revealed that they were not allowed to share too much about the sets where “Outlander” season 3 was being filmed, or about as of yet unseen characters. Some of the other pictures shared online were of Caitriona Balfe (Claire) on the ship, and Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) riding a bicycle on the sand.

Gabaldon also shared a video from South Africa, to share with the fans some of her adventures. Even though it feels like a holiday, the celebrity author was busy at work. She had carried her laptop with her to get some work done.

Meanwhile, another leaked picture from the set in Cape Town South Africa has been posted on Twitter by a fan who happened to visit the set. The picture shows a much smaller boat, compared to the one that the fans have been seeing for the past few weeks. The set is surrounded by green screen, which is used to add background scenery during the post production phase.

It is not clear if the smaller boat will be featured in the next season or if the boat is only being used to film scenes of the deck. None of the cast members are seen in the video, so it isn’t clear which characters will be using the new vessel.

The script of “Outlander” season 3 was completed recently. The cast and crew members are filming the last few of the 13 episodes. The production in South Africa is scheduled to wrap by June, and the show will premiere in September.

Credit: Twitter/ Diana Gabaldon