“Outlander” TV series cast members Grant O’Rourke and Stephen Walters appear in a new funny video released by the producers online. The video shows the two actors answering questions while playing “Would you rather?”

The first question in the video posted on Facebook was about whether the actors would choose a short life with the love of their life or rather live forever without love. Walters (Angus Mhor) preferred to die early with the love of his life, while O’Rourke (Rupert MacKenzie) wanted to live forever without love.

The second question was a choice between being captured by the Red coats or be tried as a witch. O’Rourke felt that the Red coats were a better option, as a witch would be burned alive. Being captured by soldiers also gave them an opportunity to try and escape.

The next question was a choice between eating Haggis everyday and never drinking Rhenish again. Walters, who said he never had Rhenish before, said that he would like to eat Haggis every day. O’Rourke pointed out to his fellow “Outlander” cast member that by choosing to forgo Rhenish he could have a healthy life.

The cast members were later asked to choose between never being able to shower again or shower as much as they want, but never get fully dry. O’Rourke chose the latter because he said that he was “always…constantly moist.”

The next question was a choice between never speaking again and saying everything that is there on their mind. Walters preferred to stay silent, which surprised his fellow cast member. On the question of choosing to go without either their phone or friends, O’Rourke chose the phone and explained that he could always speak to his friends over the phone.

Perhaps the most funny question that the two “Outlander” cast members were asked was a chose between getting locked in a room with the character Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) or a pack of hungry wolves. O’Rourke chose Black Jack because he felt that he could change him. “To be fair, Black Jack might just not be that into me,” the actor later added.

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