A picture of Tobias Menzies as Frank and Caitriona Balfe as Claire in the Starz TV series "Outlander." Facebook/ Outlander

A short video clip from “Outlander” TV series with a ghostly voice over saying “mine” had the fandom confused about whose voice it actually is. The obvious choice was between Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Frank (Tobias Menzies). Now, Co-executive Producer Maril Davis has solved the problem by giving an official answer. Meanwhile, Diana Gabaldon and Andrew Gower (Prince Charles Edward Stuart) shared some funny moments at the Denver Comic Con.

The scene from the show posted on Twitter by Nancy shows an intimate moment between Frank Randall and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). The voice seems obvious to some of the fans, but Davis decided to end the confusion quickly be declaring that the voice is that of Menzies as Frank.

For the fans who were hoping that that was Jamie’s voice, which would have given this scene a “ghostly/spine tingly moment,” Davis joked that they can’t control whether or not a ghost shows up.

Meanwhile, a low quality video from the Denver Comic Con has been posted on Twitter. At the panel, Gabaldon explained that the script and each episode go through a lot of changes before it is finally ready to be shown to the audience. The changes begin from the time the scripts are ready, later changes are made while filming, and then finally after filming the actors may be required to record additional lines. The dialogues sometimes need to be changed for political correctness and other reasons, and Gabaldon joked that sometimes the “political correctness” actually means “what I want.”

Gabaldon also wanted Gower to say “Mark me,” a dialogue that his character uses repeatedly on the show. The actor was hesitant at first, but when the author said that there had been a few requests from the fans, he obliged. He said that he hadn’t used those words for over a year.

Gabaldon also shared a funny moment from the time they were filming “Outlander.” The scene involved Graham McTavish (Dougal McKenzie) jumping from his horse to a mechanical horse. After multiple takes the actor apparently staggered past Gabaldon and Writer Anne Kenney and said “I have been having a conversation with my balls.”

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