"Oso Much Hope" printed on the Oso mudslide support t-shirts in downtown Arlington, Washington in the U.S. proves that people are still clinging to positive thoughts despite the devastation that hang above everyone's head like thick black clouds.

Even if reports say that the weather is making it harder for the rescue teams to go through the debris and mud brought by the 600-foot hill that collapsed and washed out 47 homes in Oso, hope is still in the hearts of the people of the Washington state.

On Friday, March 28, as more rescuers sift through debris and mud, more people also came to visit the action sports shop in downtown Arlington to check the displays of Oso mudslide support t-shirts. April Clark, Lindley Latham and Jordan Latham were just three of the people named by Reuters who dropped by and tried on the t-shirts.

With the bad weather adding to the rescue operation, the rescuers are reported to be losing hope. The rescue teams are drenched by rains and strong winds, adding to the difficulty of going through the square-mile (2.6 sq km) heap of mud-caked debris and muck.

The Oso mudslide t-shirts, however, encourages everyone not to lose hope. In fact, a Web site called booster that raises money, awareness and spirits is doing a t-shirt fundraiser for all the victims of the mudslide. For $15, anyone can buy a pair of "Oso Much Hope" t-shirt and the sales will go straight to the North Countries Relief Fund.

The said Web site is also telling everyone to spread the word on social media. The main goal of the organizers of the campaign is to sell 150 shirts and be able to extend help to the relief operations.

As of the moment, the number of missing persons has dropped to 90 from the initial report of 176 people missing. The death toll is 17, which meant 3 were added from the previous tally of 14. Reports, though, stated that 9 more individuals have been located in the rubble by the rescue teams but the county officials would not revise the tally until the bodies go through the process of examination and proper identification.

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