'The Orville'
Picture of Seth McFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer on "The Orville" TV series. The Orville/ Facebook

The first trailer of “The Orville” season 2 has been released online. The video teases the same level of humour that made the first season such a big hit with the fans. There will also be some dramatic scenes, with the crew making first contact with an alien race,

Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and his crew are back. The first trailer of the next season [see below] shows the officers having fun while dealing with the challenges of their work.

A new alien race will be introduced in the next season. Captain Mercer will personally lead a team to make friends. The captain will also get into trouble, and will also be in need of a rescue in one of the episodes. The complicated relationship between Mercer and Commander Kelly (Adrianne Palicki) will also continue.

There will also be some action to look forward to. There will be space battles, and some old school fights with machine guns. Kelly and Bortus (Peter Macon) will be held prisoners by a relatively primitive civilization, and that’s where the fans will get to see some action.

The TV series will also explore the personal challenges of the characters. One of the scenes in the trailer shows a pensive Alara (Halston Sage). There is also a tense scene involving Dr. Claire (Penny Johnson Jerald) and Isaac (Mark Jackson).

Among the familiar things from the first season, the fans will get to see the Krill. Mercer may go on an infiltration mission, and he will get into a fistfight with one of these aliens.

The fans may also return to Bortus’ home planet. Bortus can be seen getting spit on by someone of his species. There’s also an interesting scene in which Isaac gets a kiss on the one side and wet willy on the other.

Credit: The Orville/ YouTube