Louis Tomlinson
Singer Louis Tomlinson of the band One Direction performs on ABC's Good Morning America inside Central Park in New York, November 26, 2013. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Rumoured couple Danielle Campbell and One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson were seen enjoying a night out in London prior the New Year holidays.

After several couple spottings in the US, Tomlinson and Campbell flew over to London to enjoy the city’s party scene just days before New Year’s, according to People magazine. The One Direction band member wore a black jeans and an Adidas shirt for their night out in London, while “The Originals” actress donned a short black leather skirt, white cropped shirt and a gray coat.

The two were also seen hanging with friends at London’s Top Secret Comedy Club and even spent time at the Project Club, Tomlinson, Campbell and their friends also attended a house party in Fulham, where the group stayed until nearly 3 in the morning.

However, Tomlinson and Campbell’s London night out also had its share of challenges after the two and their friends were booted out the Top Secret Comedy Club. According to The Sun, the group was removed from the comedy club after Tomlinson’s friend swore at the club’s manager. An eyewitness told The Sun that the One Direction singer’s group of friends were told to quiet down after chatting loudly during a stand-up routine at the club.

“Louis and his mates got in the club just before the end of a stand-up routine at 8pm and gathered by the bar, but everyone in the club could hear them,” the source said. “After they were told off and his pal swore at the boss, he sent them packing, which was met with ironic cheers from the crowd.”

The source recounted to The Sun that Tomlinson also tried to intervene but his efforts were unsuccessful. “He followed his pals out of the club and didn’t come back,” the source shared. “But he did pose for snaps with members of the audience on the way out, seemingly unruffled by what happened.”