One Direction's Harry Styles is known for his flirty ways. Well, the latest hot blonde Styles is allegedly flirting with is none other than "We Can't Stop" singer, Miley Cyrus. Given both singers are single, here are five good reasons why they should start dating each other.

Miley Cyrus claims to not know about Harry Styles of One Direction but it's obvious she lied. Who could ever forget that Miley tweeted a photo of her in bed with a cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles? Apparently, Styles took notice of it and after meeting with Miley backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, "texting" between the two became constant.

"It's no secret in Harry's circle that he's pretty obsessed with Miley," stated the source to the Daily Star (via Metro), adding, "It started when she cheekily pinched his bum at the VMA awards. Afterwards he made a few jokey comments about her on TV and then dressed up as her for Halloween."

"So he decided to message her to make sure she wasn't offended by any of his remarks or actions. She wasn't, and they've been texting since," continued the source.

Well, looks like things are going pretty smooth between Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles. Given both the singers have called off their latest relationships, maybe it is high-time Miley and Harry start dating one another. Why exactly should they?

One: They've got a thing for crazy antics. Miley just loves to twerk on stage and do the usual sexed-up moves. On the other hand, Harry too has a penchant for such stunts. They'd definitely make a great pair on stage.

Two: They've got a soft spot for tattoos. Both Miley and Harry love getting inked. One date idea for them could be heading out to a tattoo shop to get their names inked on each other.

Three: Harry Styles obviously has a "thing" for blondes. A look at Harry's ex-girlfriends, namely Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, clearly point out Miley Cyrus is a perfect fit for Styles.

Four: Kelly Osbourne is BFF's with Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles. Judging from their taste in companions, Harry and Miley would certainly hit off great.

Five: While some "Smilers and "Directioners" are against the pairing, a handful think Harry and Miley make a great pair.

With the year almost at its end, why shouldn't Harry and Miley take the plunge and just date already? Stranger things have happened in the past anyway.