Miley Cyrus' antics have by far been the worse and not to mention the craziest. Apparently, Miley's performance for "X-Factor" UK was way different than expected. A source claims however that Miley was strictly warned before the performance. Judging from Miley's tweets, the warnings to stay "clean" were indeed true.

2013 is close to ending but Miley Cyrus hasn't stopped making jaws drop since the start of the year. Aside from calling off her engagement to chopping off her hair, Cyrus has been doing a lot of crazy antics this year. To date, Miley has "twerked", swore and smoked a joint on stage. Cyrus' fashion ensembles have also been a bit alarming as of late.

Due to this, producers for "X-Factor" UK had sent out a strict warning to Miley Cyrus before her performance on the show.

"Miley has been read the riot act and told it's a family show and none of her recent behaviour will be acceptable," stated the source to the Daily Star, adding, "She has been banned from smoking, swearing, twerking provocatively or implying any kind of sex act while on stage. She has been warned her performance will be cut short if she breaks any of the rules."

"X-Factor" executives have also been worried for Miley's performance given the "We Can't Stop" singer refused to show producers what her outfit for the night would be.

"That's not it though and apparently her refusal to tell show execs what she's planning to wear has got them worried she's going to show up showing off her, erm, assets in all their glory. Miley was booked to perform on the show ages ago - months before her shocking performances of late," stated the source, adding, "Then we saw the video of Wrecking Ball with her riding around naked and realised anything was possible."

Yet, it looks as if the rule was followed. Miley Cyrus took to the stage last night on "X-Factor" wearing a gold gown that managed to cover up her assets. Of course, while the executives of the show were pleased, some fans weren't to which Miley had ranted about on Twitter.

"Damned if you do damned if you don't," tweeted Miley, to which she added, "SO DO WHAT THE F*** YOU WANT. love always, me."