'Once Upon A Time'
Actors Lana Parrillo (L) and Jared Gilmore, stars of the new series "Once Upon A Time", speak during a panel session at the ABC Summer TCA Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California August 7, 2011. Reuters/Fred Prouser

While Regina was upset with a major death in “Once Upon A Time” Season 5 and was being comforted by the others, there was one character who was also upset and needed some comforting. A tender scene between Henry and Violet that was supposed to be featured this year was dropped due to time constraints, but the script of the scene has now been released online.

[Spoiler alert]

Regina (Lana Parrilla) was quite upset about the death of Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) and everyone was comforting her, but Henry (Jared Gilmore) was also upset and he had Violet (Olivia Steele Falconer) to comfort him. The tender moment between the two young characters was deleted due to time constraints, but Writer/Producer Adam Horowitz has now shared the script of the scene online.

The deleted scene begins with Violet approaching Henry and telling him how sorry she is about Robin. Henry is just focused on trying to find a way to make his mother feel better.

Henry was mostly angry and frustrated for the most part of “Once Upon A Time” Season 5, as he felt he wasn’t doing enough to help his family. His moment came towards the end of the season when he decided to take matters into his own hands and went on to destroy magic altogether and was also the one to restore it.

Perhaps it was Violet who inspired him. In the deleted scene she gives him confidence by telling him that she is sure he will find a way to help his mother and gently touches his arm. She also tells him how worried she was when she learnt that he had gone to the Underworld with his family.

There was a “moment of connection” between the two characters in the deleted scene of “Once Upon A Time” Season 5, but they didn’t have a lot of time for “flirting.” The growing bond between the two characters may be explored when the show returns with Season 6.

Credit: Twitter/ Adam Horowitz