A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

“Arrow” Season 5 will be going back to the “basics” that made the show popular, cast member Stephen Amell has confirmed in a recent interview. The Season 4 finale left many fans disappointed and the producers now need to stem the sliding popularity of the show.

In an interview with Comic Book, Amell (Oliver Queen) said that the cast and crew put in a lot of efforts to introduce other shows, but now that all that is done with they can focus on doing things that they do well in the next season. When asked if he means the TV series will be getting back to “basics,” he confirmed that that is exactly what the plans are at the moment.

Amell explained that the TV series is at its best when the heroes are dealing with the problems of Star City. “We’re not a time-travel show, we’re not a multi-Earth show,” he said, but later conceded that they had to do things like time-travel some times in crossovers, which is expected to happen again in “Arrow” Season 5.

Despite not having any elements of time travel or multi-Earth plotline, the Season 4 finale got a lot of negative reactions by the fans, CinemaBlend reports. The response was so bad that the subreddit thread of the TV series is now calling itself the fan page of “Daredevil,” which some fans consider to be better.

The overwhelming negative comments for the show and the constant comparison to “Daredevil” is said to have led to the change. The subreddit thread still carries a lot of content of the Amell’s TV series.

One of the biggest problems that the showrunners will have to address in “Arrow” Season 5 is to make flashback scenes more relevant and interesting. The biggest complaint of Season 4 was the flashback scenes.

Credit: YouTube/ The CW Television Network

Credit: YouTube/ The CW Television Network