'Once Upon a Time'
Cast member Larra Parrilla poses during a photocall for the TV series "Once Upon A Time" at the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 12, 2012. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Get ready for some fun in “Once Upon A Time” season 6 episode 20, as all the main characters break into songs. In a flashback sequence all the characters are forced to speak in songs, thanks to Snow White’s wish. The following article contains spoilers.

In the preview video released online, Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) wakes up one morning in the palace and finds that there is something wrong. She can’t speak properly, and all the words she wants to say come out in a tune. Just then her husband walks in, who is also singing. David (Josh Dallas) wonders if this is a new curse they have to deal with.

Snow White reveals that everyone is singing because she made a wish upon a star the night before. She feels the songs in their heart are a new weapon they can use to defeat the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla). The duo is confident about love being able to create some powerful magic to ensure that good triumphs in the end.

But, the Evil Queen too will break into a song and dance of her own in “Once Upon A Time” season 6 episode 20. Her song is a little more upbeat, and she sings about how love doesn’t stand a chance against her powers. Looks like singing can be a weapon that evil too can use.

In an interview posted on YouTube, Parilla said that it was a lot of fun for her to sing. She described her song to be on the lines of David Bowie meets “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” She also added that she is the only one who has a rock number in the episode.

Elaborating on the dance of the Evil Queen, Parilla said that it was “seductive” and “fun.” The actress said that she hasn’t danced like that in about 15 years. After having a blast on the set making this episode, she is ready for the next musical.

After all the intense drama and action so far in the season, Parilla said that this musical will be like a breath of fresh air. She said that this will give the audience a chance to see a different side to these characters. “Once Upon A Time” season 6 episode 20 will also give the viewers some insight into the talents of the actors that they love to see on the show.

Credit: ABC Television Network/ YouTube