'The Last Kingdom'
A picture of Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the TV series "The Last Kingdom." Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

Who is loyal to Wessex and who is working for selfish reasons? That is the central question of the finale episode. Alfred makes his choice, but it may not have been the right one. Men loyal to him disagree, and an exciting story unfolds. The following article contains spoilers.

The love of Erik (Christian Hillborg) and Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) has grown too strong, and they decide to run away. They seek Uhtred’s (Alexander Dreymon) help, but the Viking is not sure the warrior will risk everything and come to their aid. Meanwhile, all the men in the camp get suspicious of the love affair, and fear losing their prized possession, and with her the promised wealth.

Meanwhile, Uhtred returns to Wessex and tells Alfred (David Dawson) of the agreed upon ransom. The king first confirms if the amount was the best price they could get in the negotiations. But, Odda (Simon Kunz) knows that it is an impossible sum to pay. The money would be enough to break the kingdom economically, and give the Vikings the means to raise an unstoppable army in just six months.

Odda plans a daring attack on the Viking camp to save Wessex from certain destruction. However, Uhtred, who has a plan of his own, warns him not to take any action. The Dane knows that for a plan to work, the fewer people know about it, the better the chances of its success.

Back at the Viking camp, Sigefrid (Björn Bengtsson) learns from his men about the growing bond between Erik and Aethelflaed. Worried about the future, he takes action. The king’s daughter is put in a cage in the main hall for everyone to see, and the guards at the river are doubled.

Uhtred arrives as planned and kills the guards at the river. Sensing that something is wrong, he and his men go over to the fortress and meet Erik in secret. Despite the challenges they face, the Dane comes up with a strategy to free Aetheflaed. He sets the camp on fire and taking advantage of the confusion, rescues the hostage.

During the daring rescue, Sigefrid arrives to see his brother betray him. The brothers fight, and Erik loses his life.

Meanwhile, Alfred learns of Odda’s “betrayal” and marches an army to stop him. The two armies of Wessex meet near the Viking camp, but they see Uhtred arrive with Aethelflaed. The king’s daughter is pursued by the Sigefrid and a few men, who see the vast armies assembled.

The two sides fight, and in the end it is Aethelflaed who runs a sword through Sigefrid, an act that will shock her cowardly husband. The battle ends, and Wessex is once again saved.

There were a few shockers in “The Last Kingdom” season 2 episode 8. Aethelflaed is pregnant with Erik’s child. Odda commits suicide, knowing that the king will not forgive him. And Alfred wants Uhtred to continue serving him, despite him saving Wessex again. Destiny is all!