'The 100'
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The Conclave has ended with one last champion left alive. Despite what some of the fans were hoping for, there were some shocking deaths featured in the episode. The following article contains spoilers.

While Roan (Zach McGowan) and the others enter the arena with rage and blood on their minds, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) chose to use her head instead. All you have to do to win in the end is kill the last one standing, so she waited and watched the others kill each other.

A surprise entry to the Conclave was Luna (Nadia Hiker), who is fighting for death: meaning no one gets to stay in the bunker if she wins. The character turned out to be the most efficient killing machine till the very end.

Roan was clearly the favourite to win, and he was confident about his abilities. But, to ensure the Ice Nation wins the Conclave, Echo (Tasya Teles) secretly enters the arena and starts killing the champions one by one using a bow and arrow, from a safe distance. She kills Ilian (Chai Hansen), but Bellamy (Bob Morley) is on to her and he too enters illegally to track her.

Bellamy finds Echo and starts to choke her, before Roan arrives and separates the two. After finding out the truth, he banishes her from Ice Nation and asks Bellamy to return unseen.

In the final battle against Luna, Roan proposes a truce, so he and Octavia have a chance of winning. Together, they almost kill her, but the toxic rain starts and the tables are turned. In the intense battle the viewers think that McGowan’s character is going to pull another trick, but in the end he is drowned to death.

The last fight is between Octavia and Luna. Octavia runs and hides. When Luna tries looking for her, she gets stabbed in the back.

As the last remaining champion of the Conclave, Octavia takes the high road and welcomes all clans to stay in the bunker with her. But, the speech is of no use because Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Jaha (Isaiah Washington) have taken the bunker for the Sky People, and locked themselves in.

So, “The 100” season 4 episode 10 ended with a twist. With Clarke seemingly taking a dark turn, and earning the scorn of all the tribes. Indra (Adina Porter) specifically sees this as a betrayal by the Sky People, who seem to have left everyone else to die.