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HTC Vive users have been dismayed for a while following a new update in Oculus Rift. This update was accompanied by a platform integrity checks program that closed off the support for the Revive HTC Vive app.

Because of this, Oculus Rift-exclusive apps were no longer streamed onto the HTC Vive VR headset. According to the source, it seems that Oculus changed the security system to now require checks for the hardware connected. Before the update, it only needed to convince specific apps that a Rift headset is paired.

The newest update has finally broken the previous restriction. Now, HTC Vive VR headset owners can now use the device again to play games that have been tied to the Oculus Rift, BBC reported.

The Revive team has also confirmed that the restrictions have been lifted. Oculus has also confirmed with Ars Technica that it had removed the restriction. In addition, it will not use the hardware checks in the future.

“We believe protecting developer content is critical t the long-term success of the VR industry, and we’ll continue taking steps in the future to ensure that VR developers can keep investing in ground-breaking new VR content.

Oculus has also taken another lead step in VR; this time, it has dabbled into the real world application of VR with Trade Advantage. VR Focus reported that Oculus Rift has been applied in commodity trading.

According to Trading Advantage CEO Larry Levin, the company is looking to solidify its stance as the leading innovator in the industry to delivering new practices and experiences in the craft of trading. Oculus Rift is used to allow the user to be surrounded with software applications, graphs and other trading programs, which makes all of the files needed accessible to the user in 3D space.

“Trading Advantage is constantly working on new and innovative ways to trade the markets,” said Levin in a statement quoted by VR Focus. “Everyone will be trading and investing with virtual reality in a few short years.”