The Nun
A poster of "The Nun" film. The Conjuring Universe/ Twitter

The first trailer of “The Conjuring” spin-off movie titled “The Nun” has been released online. The horror flick is a prequel that brings back the scary demon from hell known as Valak.

The video [see below] begins with a painting of the Demon Nun (Bonnie Aarons). This time Valak will be terrorising Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga).

Sister Irene had a series of visions when she was younger, and each of these visions ended with the image of Valak. Word of her visions reached the church and she was asked to accompany a priest to an abbey in Romania.

A voice of another nun is heard in the voiceover. “The abbey has a long history. Not all good,” the voice says. The trailer ends with Sister Irene walking down a dark corridor, and then there is a scary scene of Valak making her presence known to her victim.

According to the official synopsis, Sister Irene and a priest with a haunted past are sent to the abbey in Romania after a young nun takes her own life there. The duo will uncover the abbey’s “unholy secret,” and then they will have to risk their lives, their faith, and their very souls in the battle against the demonic force.

The movie has been produced by James Wan, Gary Dauberman and Peter Safran. Wan directed the two “The Conjuring” movies, and Safran was the producer. The script of “The Nun” has been written by Dauberman. The film has been directed by Corin Hardy, who is known for his work in the 2015 flick “The Hallow.”

Some of the other cast members of the film are Charlotte Hope (Sister Victoria), Demián Bichir (Father burke), Jonny Coyne (Gregoro), Lili Bordán (Marta), Ingrid Bisu (Sister Oana), Mark Steger (The Duke), and August Maturo (Daniel).

“The Nun” is set to be released on Sept. 6 in Australia.

Credit: Roadshow/ YouTube