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A time loop episode in the first season of “Star Trek Discovery” was exciting to watch for the fans, and it is arguably one of the best on the show, but the decision to come up with this episode was not driven by creative interest. Showrunner Aaron Harberts revealed at a recent event that it was budget constraints that led them to choose this particular plot.

Harberts was very candid when he spoke at an Emmy “For Your Consideration” event, TrekMovie reports. The producer said that they made the time loop episode because they were “desperate to save money.”

The plot of the episode was about Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson) acquiring a piece of technology that allowed him to loop time. All the action takes place on the ship, which means no new sets had to be built, saving the producers some money.

Even while making this episode to save money, the producers were keen on making sure they added certain elements that helps build individual character arc for the whole season.

While the budget may be one of the big issues the producers have to talk about, what was another particularly important topic of discussion was to make sure that they create the show for both the fans and the audience that hasn’t seen the show before.

While designing the costumes and the props, the producers were acutely aware that there is a section of the fan base that is very particular about the colours and designs used, to make sure that they match the canon. The challenge for the producers was to come up with new designs for the show, but these designs can’t be too modern because they still have to respect the time period in which the plot is based.

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 will bring in characters from the original TV series. The fans will have to wait till next year to find out what the producers have in store.