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“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 isn’t the only thing the fans can look forward to next year. The “After Trek” talk show that featured interviews with the cast members or the makers of the show is undergoing some changes.

A spokesperson of CBS All Access told ComicBook in a statement that they are currently “reimagining” “After Trek” for the next season. The show will continue to have all the fan-driven elements of the first season, according to the spokesperson. More details about what changes and new additions they have made to the talk show will be revealed closer to the premiere of season 2.

For fans who are not familiar with “After Trek,” this is a talk show that is similar to the “Talking Dead” series that has interviews with cast members about the recently aired episode of “The Walking Dead.”

The “After Trek” show featured cast and crew talking about the recent episode of “Star Trek Discovery,” segments showing fan arts and cosplays, history of the franchise and other titbits. The show also shared behind-the-scenes details and a preview of the next episode.

In order to make the experience of watching the TV series more enjoyable, “After Trek” also used to recommend episodes from the previous iterations of the franchise, to help fans refresh their memories about certain aspects of the franchise and details about some of the alien species etc.

The “After Trek” show will continue to be important as the story moves forward because a few familiar characters are about to be introduced on the show. Characters such as Captain Pike and Spock are expected to make an appearance on the show next year, after the season 1 finale teased the iconic ship USS Enterprise.

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 is currently filming in Toronto. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date for the show.