Survival is a key aspect of getting through the 18 quintillion planets in "No Man's Sky." Hello Games

“No Man’s Sky” isn’t just about exploring planets—it’s also about surviving while in any one of them. Developer Hello Games shows players just how surprisingly hard it can be to survive in the last trailer series for the game.

Seen in the video below, the developer shows the different ways by which players will be tested and pitted against different elements in “No Man’s Sky.” There will be hostile environments and deadly lifeforms out and about. As previously mentioned, since no two planets are alike, players will need protection from the different conditions, such as harsh weather, toxic or radiation.

There may also be hostile attacks from other lifeforms and aliens encountered. So it’s a mix of fighting and survival as well. The pillar of survival seems like a more layered one than the previous pillars, because it can integrate the likes of fighting and trading in order for the player to survive. Hunting resources after exploring the planet is also a must, to replenish any diminished goods.

More than the game, 65daysofstatic’s music accompaniment for the game seems to fit the bill as the soundtrack for a good cosmic ride. Clash Music reported that the band continues with its streak of magic and penchant for creating soundtrack music that embodies the emotions of the game.

Considering what Hello Games has already showcased in the different pre-launch trailers that depict the four pillars of the game, there really is an expansive array of feels while going through the game.

There are 10 tracks for the “No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe. Among these tracks are “Supermoon,” “Monolith,” “Heliosphere,” “Pillars of Frost,” “Hypersleep,” “Escape Velocity” and “End of the World Sun.” Some of the titles alone suggest that some tracks will punch up the mood in the game, especially once the action amps up.

The game won’t be out until some days, but for those who want to get more on the soundtrack, Team Rock has featured the vinyl packaging from 65daysofstatic. The vinyl and CD packaging were created in collaboration with Version Industries’ Caspar Newbolt, who was also in charge with the group’s “Wild Light” and “We Were Exploding Away” albums.

“No Man’s Sky” is scheduled for the PS4 and PC. The pegged release date is on Aug. 9 for North America and Aug. 10 for Europe and Australia. An Aug. 12 release date has also been pegged for a worldwide release of the PC version, which has sparked some controversy among fans.

"No Man's Sky" Survive Trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)