Titanfall 2
"Titanfall 2" will make use of Multiplay's technology for a better gameplay experience. Respawn

Respawn Entertainment has tapped Multiplay as an online component to further enhance “Titanfall 2.”

In a recent press release, Multiplay revealed that it will be deploying multiple Cloud providers and Bare Metal Server data centre locations so that players will not have to suffer from gameplay interruptions.

This will ensure that the experience won’t break for players, as they will be brought back online even an outage happens.

“We share their passion for innovation and our team at Multiplay are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within game server hosting. Our platform combines high-power dedicated servers across the globe with the additional capability of automatically bursting into the leading cloud providers,” said Multiplay Director for Digital Business Paul Manuel. “This provides un-paralleled flexibility and fault tolerance that’s simply not achievable through a single Cloud provider.”

Respawn’s Jon Shiring also added that this partnership allows the developer to be more flexible and have endless scalability and high reliability with the game.

Multiplay is not the only way by which Respawn is ensuring the success of “Titanfall 2. The next video series episode, “Inside Development: Servers,” confirmed that the developer will not drop what has been working in the game from the original title.

This means that it will continue to make use of Azure, a Microsoft service, as well as the use of dedicated servers for other computing and AI needs.

Shiring also confirmed in a blog post that their partner, Multiplay, is working closely with Azure, Google and Amazon to maximise the best way to use each of the service. The goal is to have the fastest server spin-up times and the best performance on the servers.

This is a good decision, considering that “Titanfall 2” is planned to be bigger than the original. Since there were still some buggy issues before, it’s best to make use of every possible resource on hand. The full video can be seen below.

“Titanfall 2” will be out this Oct. 28.

"Titanfall 2" Insider Development: Servers (Credit: YouTube/Titanfall Official)