No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" may be delayed a few days for PC. Hello Games

“No Man’s Sky” has been the subject of heated talks when its June release date was moved from June 21 to its current Aug. 9 release date. However, PC players who are looking forward to “No Man’s Sky” will need to wait another few more days than that to get the game.

Sharp-eyed fans over at Steam have been commenting that there has been a change in the announcement of dates over at the official page. For the most part, only the PC players are affected by the launch date. In some areas like Australia, it does not seem too much of a wait, especially since it is one of the regions pegged for an Aug. 10 release.

“’No Man’s Sky’ is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy, coming to PS4 on August 9th in North America and August 10th in Europe, and on PC worldwide on August 12th,” as per the official About page of the game.

Rock Paper Shotgun did point out that the “worldwide” aspect of the description is where the confusion for some lies. There is the possibility that “worldwide” may not refer to just the PC version but also the PS4 versions for other areas. It is also possible that the release date of “No Man’s Sky” PC for even North America and Europe may be pegged on Aug. 12.

Hello Games has yet to give any statements on the matter as fans start talking about the game’s potential delay once more.

On the upside, PS4 players are still following the expected release date. A bit of good news is that the PlayStation Plus requirement to play multiplayer has already been dropped, Game Informer reported.

“No Mans Sky” actually allows multiplayer support, but developer Hello Games has emphasised the vastness of the game’s universe is such that it is very rare for a player to encounter another physically. If anything, what one can encounter are traces of another explorer’s previous presence in a planet.

According to the source, Sony has confirmed that players only need an Internet connection so their discoveries will register with the universal atlas.