No confirmation of aliens in declassified CIA files on UFO sightings

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) flag is displayed on stage during a conference on national security entitled "The Ethos and Profession of Intelligence" in Washington October 27, 2015. Reuters/Yuri Gripas

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has published documents, particularly cables, on investigations it had done on reports of UFO sightings. The declassified documents date back to the 1940s and 1950s. It came out just when Australian scientist put out the theory that the possible reason why alien hunters could not find any is that climate change killed alien life and other planets.

To tease “X-Files” fans who have been waiting for the release of the movie’s reboot on Sunday, the CIA tweeted: “Take a Peek Into our #XFiles.” An alien emoji and photos of what looks like UFOs to announce the declassification of thousands of the agency’s docu,ments some of which were actually declassified since 1978, followed, reports Newsweek.

But unfortunately for alien hunters, the documents do not confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life which UFOlogists insists the US government has knowledge but is hiding information from the public. However, while the documents did not confirm that aliens have landed on Earth, it did not either close the door to the possibility that the explanation for the reported sighting are of extraterrestrial nature, reports The Telegraph.

Quoting a document written in January 1953 that reported on the findings of a CIA Scientific Advisory Panel, the paper pointed out that no one among the panel members “were loath to accept that this earth might be visited by extraterrestrial intelligent beings of some sort, some day.” But they stressed failure to find evidence that the objects of sightings were space travelers.

The height of CIA attention to UFO sightings was in the 1950s, but after that period, the agency paid marginal attention to extraterrestrial phenomena, admits ex-CIA Chief Historian Gerald Haines. The lesser interest probably is due to most of the reports, which a member of the panel who is an aeronautical engineer and a technical intelligence office cited as the probable cause of the sightings, as raw and unevaluated reports.

That panel member eliminated the known and probable causes of sightings in this report and in the end left only extraterrestrial as the only remaining cause.

UFO Hunters Three boys await the arrival of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hunter Kim Carlsberg of UFO Sky Tours to begin their search outside Sedona, Arizona, as darkness falls in the desert on February 14, 2013. Picture taken February 14, 2013.  Reuters/Mike Blake

Interestingly, the last part of the CIA post was an invitation for believers “to find out how they can investigate flying saucers.” There is a revival of interest in the alien phenomena in the US, particularly with former State Secretary Hillary Clinton saying that if she would win in the November 2016 presidential election, she would have Area 51 investigated and federal government knowledge about extraterrestrial made public.

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