Nintendo will showcase the "The Legend of Zelda" at E3 2016. Nintendo

Even though 2016 is already halfway through, it seems that Nintendo is still bent on keeping the Nintendo NX under tight wraps.

However, other developers are already excited with the upcoming console, so much so that they are even preparing some new things for it. One of these developers is Ubisoft. EMEA head Alain Corre shared that the company has always been enthusiastic about supporting new technology, and perhaps the newest so far is the Nintendo NX.

“We have other surprises that we will announced later, but we also believe Nintendoo has the power to reinvent the way families are playing,” said Corre to “Nintendo is a fantastic powerhouse of brands that are really cherished by a lot of fans and families.”

It should be pointed out that Corre had emphasised and even repeated the word “family” twice in the context of the Nintendo NX. While this falls under speculations, but may this be hinting of a system that puts family togetherness during playing games an activity?

Nintendo’s games have been very much family-friendly, and its previous consoles, like the Wii U had been oriented for a team-play that encompasses something for everyone in the family. A good question would be whether this will be the same goal for the Nintendo NX.

An even better question would be whether Ubisoft will be taking this into perspective in creating its “surprise” for the console. It has already announced “Just Dance” for the Nintendo NX, which can be a group activity.

For now, the other rumours surrounding the Nintendo NX are involved with the capabilities of its hardware system. A new rumour from Nintendo Enthusiast has spotted a tweet from Direct-Feed Gaming, which countered a previous rumour that placed the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip in the Nintendo NX.

“Since it is being discussed elsewhere, I can say with confidence that Nvidia will announce a Pascal Tegra chip for NX,” said that tipster via Twitter.

According to the source, the Pascal chip is classified as the Tegra X2, which is obviously a more advanced version of its Tegra X1 counterpart. If the rumour is true, then it will put the Nintendo NX at quite an advantage, even more than the power of the first version of the Xbox One.