Injustice 2
"Injustice 2" is confirmed for the Xbox One and PS4 in 2017. NetherRealm Studios

NetherRealm Studios’ announcement of an “Injustice 2” game had fans coming back for more, especially after seeing the gameplay trailer at the SDCC 2016. With more fighters and villains coming to the game, and with the customisation options more layered this time around, there’s good reason for the interest.

But the “Injustice 2” game, which is coming to the Xbox One and PC in 2017, is not the only thing that the studio is developing. NetherRealm Studios creative head Ed Boon had already previously hinted that it is looking at a mobile app for “Injustice 2.”

In light of this, Boon held an unofficial poll over his Twitter that asked fans, which direction should they take the app.

“So it looks like the vast majority of you would prefer us to make a NEW ‘Injustice 2’ mobile app. Interesting…”

The total number of voters are 7,734, with the brand new app choice winning 71 percent versus the 29 percent that voted for an add-on to the existing “Injustice Gods Among Us” app.

Some players have also started voicing their suggestions for the game, with the more resounding option of being able to transfer the saves from the previous game.

“I’m with a new app as long as saves are transferable. So you don’t feel like you’ve wasted time on the original,” said one Nathan Kimberley, @natey468, on Twitter.

Others are saying that a “new app means having new mechanics and basically a new game that is separate from the old mobile title.

Still, even though it was not part of the poll, a lot of the comments were asking for a Kombat Pack 3 for “Mortal Kombat X.”

Boon also held another poll, this time for “Mortal Kombat X.” In the poll, he had asked what news fans would want to hear about “MKX.” Interestingly, the results showed two options that had a close number of votes. The winning choice was a PC port for “Mortal Kombat XL” at 48 percent. Getting just a slightly fewer number of votes at 41 percent is news of balancing or buffing a fighter.

Boon noted that the studio heard both requests, especially since over 10,000 fans have voted in the poll.