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A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of" Facebook/The Night of

“The Night of” episode 5 will reveal that Naz is not another soft inmate that the others can take for granted. He has some “secrets” he is hiding and Freddy will recognise that his new friend also has some rage deep inside him, which could be unleashed given the right circumstances.

[Spoiler alert]

Naz (Riz Ahmed) will be seen doing some push ups in the next episode, a preview video shows. Freddy (Michael Kenneth Williams) remarks to the new inmate that the innocent looking man has some “secrets” inside of him and some “rage.”

Some rage would come in handy for Naz, if he is to survive in the hostile prison environment. The convicts had collectively decided that the young man is guilty of the crimes he is being accused of and are prepared to punish him for it. His bed was previously set on fire and one of the other inmates attacked him with boiling water, which burnt his hand.

Following the attack, Naz appeared to have sought Freddy’s protection. So, the other convicts may be a little cautious in “The Night of” episode 5. It is not clear if his parents are aware of the danger he is in, while in prison. The very thought of him being in jail appears to have sent the parents, especially the mother, into depression.

Meanwhile, Jack Stone (John Turturro) appears to be back on the case. The lawyer Alison Crowe (Glenne Headly) had told Naz’s parents in the previous episode that she can no longer offer her services for free. Since her fee is too high, it appears that the parents have hired Naz’s first lawyer again.

The prosecution will continue to gather evidence to ensure that Naz is convicted in the trial. In “The Night of” episode 5, the prosecutor will ask Box (Bill Camp) to retrace the steps of the accused to see if there are any gaps in his story. The story narrated by Naz appears to check out, and Jack tells his client that the latter’s life depends on it.

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