Pokemon GO
"Pokemon Go" latest update includes special items, which are hard to find. Facebook/Pokémon GO

By now every “Pokemon GO” fan is aware of Niantic’s latest massive update bringing 80 new Gen 2 Pocket Monsters to the game. New evolutions have been added along with encounter gameplay changes, new Berries and avatar customisations. C oming from “Pokemon Gold and Silver,” the Gen 2 Pokemon include two new evolutions for Eevee, namely Espeon and Umbreon. Moreover, it has also been revealed that Eevee evolution still works after the update.

With two more Eeveelutions added to the “Pokemon GO” update by Niantic, players are wondering whether the old Eeveelution tricks will still work for Espeon and Umbreon. According to Tech Times, players have to rename their Eevees as Sakura to acquire Espeon and as Tamao for Umbreon. They must ensure that the servers register the name change. Hence, it is best to exit the app by saving the game. Next, they would need 25 Candies to evolve the Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon.

“Pokemon GO” players must note that the name change trick will work only once. Succeeding attempts will only revert to the random nature of Eeveelutions. Thus, it is advisable to wait and first catch a powerful Eevee before applying the trick. The two new Eeveelutions by Niantic can take place during any time of the day, unlike “Pokemon Gold and Silver,” where Umbreon evolves only at night and Espeon during the day. Sakura and Tamao are two of the five Kimono sisters from the Pokémon anime.

Meanwhile, Forbes has listed a few points that players must know before jumping into Gen 2 “Pokemon GO’ hunting. Gen 2 Pokemon are spawning disproportionately and currently, about 70-80 percent of the spawns are Gen 2. Niantic has realised that players need to be kept excited and hence it has upped Gen 2 spawns. Capturing Pokemon has changed significantly, Critical Captures will allow players “snag an instant Pokémon catch on a single shake, which is something pulled from the handheld game.”

If the first ball catches a Pokemon, “Pokemon GO” players now get 50 XP bonus. Niantic has introduced a Candy boost for making players catch level 2 and 3 evolved forms of Pokemon. Moreover, Lapras has suffered a bad fate as it got hit with a Nerf Hammer. It has been knocked out from the list of high CP Pokemon. Lapras seems to be the only casualty. It has also been reported that Gen 2 babies are now spawning in the wild, including rare ones such as Togepi.