Pokemon Go Halloween treats
Pokemon Go Halloween treats pokemon.com

Niantic kept fans glued to “Pokemon GO” by introducing major events during Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for a “Pokemon GO” Valentine’s Day event, though Niantic has surprisingly not shared details about the upcoming event. This has generally given rise to intense speculation as to what could Niantic possibly introduce during the Valentine’s Day update. Events have proved to be instrumental in the game’s success as Niantic was able to partly revive the game’s losing user base via the events.

According to Forbes, the “Pokemon GO” Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas events allowed the game to travel up the app charts as thousands of players signed in hopes of better rewards. While many experts have suggested Pokemon breeding to be included in the Valentine’s Day update, this does not seem likely to Dave Thier of Forbes. Niantic has always been reluctant in introducing major new systems in the past. Increasing buddy rewards could be one way of celebrating the bonding between Trainers and Buddies during Valentine’s Day.

Double or even quadruple buddy rewards have been introduced earlier and they have proven effective. This incentivises players amply and they don’t mind walking. Increased buddy rewards were a major feature in the Halloween event and players loved it. Ever thought of the premium items in “Pokemon GO? Nothing has been done on that front, whereas, many mobile games offer big discounts on the premium items when starting an event. Hardcore “Pokemon GO” players will love a temporary discount on Incense.

Niantic may increase the spawn rates on certain groups of Pokemon during the “Pokemon GO” Valentine’s Day event. Romance among Pokemon has never been utilised in the past. Butterfree has a romantic storyline in the original anime and Chancey is pink and affable. According to Tech.Mic, the “Pokemon GO” Valentine’s Day event could be the perfect marketing opportunity for introducing breeding and gender mechanics. Pokemon breeding may in fact become a major feature of the game even after the event.