Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO available teams to choose from. Pokemon Go/Facebook

After several months of waiting, the Niantic team has finally confirmed that they will release the generation 2 Pokemon. Players can expect that these new batch of Pokemon will be released later on this week for the upcoming Pokemon GO update.

According to the official website of Pokemon GO, trainers will anticipate major changes this coming Pokemon GO update. With more that 80 of the original Pokemon species that were originally discovered from game’s Johto region added in the game, players get to once again “catch-em-all.” This time around, players will be capturing the gen 2 Pokemon versions.

The likes of Totodile, Cyndaquil and many more Pokemon are up for grabs once the update has been completed. These Pokemon were first introduced in the “Pokemon Gold” and “Pokemon Silver” game from the “GameBoy” platform. Apart from these new Pokemon, gender specified Pokemon will also become more rampant in the game.

The next thing that players can look forward to is the new evolution that the game has in store in the near future. The Pokemon that were originally discovered in the Kanto region (gen 1) will soon be able to evolve into their gen 2 counterparts. Of course, some of these Pokemon would need help from specific Evolution Items. These said items will be readily available in the in-game app store or PokeStops.

New classes of berries will also be included in the game’s item list in this update. Apart from the Razz Berry, which is the only berry in the game, players can now collect two new berries, namely, the Nanab Berries and the Pinap Berries. The Nanab Berry will slow down the Pokemon who ate it. This is a perfect method to use if players would want to capture a Pokemon. On the other hand, the Pinap Berry will double the amount of the Candies the players will get on the next successful Pokemon capture.

Finally, fans can opt to choose to pick their avatar style in a wider array of wardrobes. Soon enough, players will have an expansion of hats, pants, shorts, colours and many more to choose from. These new additions are a good way to fit the look on their avatar and make it even more unique. Players can now freely customise their character’s style in the game from head to toe.

These are just some of the major upgrades that fans can look forward to in the upcoming Pokemon GO update. Expect the update to become live by sometime within this week.