Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 Android 5.1 Update Guide, Problems, Fixes and OTA

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The Android 5.1 update promises a range of enhancements but Nexus users may have a different opinion. According to recent reports, despite the interesting features of the Android 5.1 firmware, many Nexus users have been experiencing problems with it. One of the most persistent and frequently cited problems is the memory leak issue causing apps to crash and memory to drain. Google did confirm a fix is on its way but may require users to have more patience.

Android 5.1 update was intended to be an interesting and important update for all devices. In fact, Greenbot cites some of its best features: Better WiFi and Bluetooth controls, Better Sound profiles, Better device protection, Notifications can be flicked away and No more crappy Wi-Fi connections. However, as with other software releases, Nexus users are encountering issues with the software. In fact an Android Open Source Project tracker, notes that Nexus 5 owners experience memory resource draining and performance problems.

The problem, in fact, started from Android 5.0 Lollipop. According to one user from the thread: "After one day of usage  the free ram down to 800 mb and I can see google+ restarting...Without reseting the phone, it returns automaticaly to 1.1 gb free ram. All this happen without opening or changing any app, what proves the memory leak."

Google did confirm that it has worked out a fix for the matter. The company answered the thread saying that the issue has “been fixed internally" though exact rollout of the solution cannot be determine. People waiting for the fix can try out some diagnostics to see what else is wrong with their devices. To do this, go to Settings, open Apps then check the Running section. See if the system memory has been drained. This will tell if there is something wrong with the device.

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