New 'hangover makeup' trend is making waves in Asia

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Arisa, a contestant from South Korea, applies make-up before the start of the final night of Miss International Queen 2013 transgender/transsexual beauty pageant in Pattaya November 1, 2013. Some 25 contestants from 16 countries, all of them born male, competed in the week-long event for the crown of Miss International Queen 2013. Reuters/Damir Sagolj

A new beauty trend is making waves in Asia as women try to make looking like they had the previous night's makeup on look pretty. The so-called “hangover makeup” trend is a big contrast to the style most Caucasians are used to. That is, it seeks to turn “tired' into “cute.”

The trick to doing this requires some skill, as you don't want to end up looking even more beaten down. PopSugar writes that, unlike in the U.S., Asians, particularly Koreans, find puffy lower eyelids adorable. This is key to setting the stage for the look. Some even deliberately line their lower eyelids lightly to create a shadow effect and highlight the area in an attempt to appear "youthful and happy." This is called "aegyo sal," or "charming fat" in English.

After achieving the puffy-eye look, the next step is to apply a little pink or rosy blush high up the cheeks, or almost under the eyes. The goal of this technique is to make your peepers look sickly. Add a little eyeliner, smudge it every so lightly, and the deed is done. BuzzFeed writes that it doesn't really make one look hung over. Instead, the objective is to create a fresh face that appears like it's been slept on.

Some opt to get surgery to achieve the fatty under-eye circles, which they reportedly feel makes one look wide-eyed and innocent. "Anatomically, it is a result of increased hypertrophy of the orbicularis oculi (under eye muscle), which becomes more pronounced when one smiles," according to Asian Eyelid Surgery . The site notes that this is not to be confused with eye bags, which makes one look aged and exhausted. Aside from crafty makeup tricks and surgery, “aegyo sal” can also be achieved through fillers and fat grafts.

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Natural Korea Agyeo-Sal Look

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