'New Girl' S06E06
Robby (Nelson Franklin) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) are gym buddies on 'New Girl.' Fox/New Girl Official Twitter Page

Schmidt (Max Greenfield) tries to convince Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to hook up with her workout buddy since she says that she is ready to start dating again on “New Girl” season 6, episode 6 (New Girl 6x06).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about season 6 of “New Girl.” The sixth season premiered Sept. 20. The show is available in Australia via Tenplay.

Nick (Jake Johnson) assigns Cece (Hannah Simone) to manage his bar while he shifts his focus to writing novels. She hires an aspiring male model named Donovan (Trent Garrett) as the new bartender, who Nick doesn’t find attractive. Cece then helps Donovan find a modeling gig and adamantly fights for his contract, prompting Nick to persuade her to try out managing models instead.

Schmidt convinces Jess to go out with her workout partner, Robby (Nelson Franklin), since she’s ready to date again. Jess agrees and flirts with Robby immediately. They eventually go on a date and have dinner in a loud restaurant called Birthdays. Robby tries to kiss Jess before calling it a night but she dodges him.

At the gym the following day, Robby apologises to Jess for trying to kiss her, but she tells him that she wanted the kiss as well. The two then smooch while Robby is doing bench presses. He loses control of the barbell and they both end up injured.

At the hospital, Jess tries to tell Robby, who is nursing all sorts of injuries, that she doesn’t feel any “magic” between them. But before she can do so, she accidentally shatters his leg.

Winston (Lamorne Morris), meanwhile, doesn’t get why beautiful women are all over him lately. Cece tells him it’s because women love confidence and that his self-esteem is up since he has a girlfriend. Winston seeks Nick’s help to bring down his confidence level so he is unable to cheat on his partner.